2017 Parish Retreat

Carved wooden doors from the monastery

We’ll be gathering again in Pecos this fall for our annual parish retreat, October 6, 7 and 8.

Fr. Joshua Burnett from the St. George Cathedral in Wichita, KS, will be speaking on the topic of Faith in a Fragmented World: Living Orthodoxy from a Pure Heart.

Fr. Joshua will present three talks at the retreat:

First Talk: Not Appearing, but Being: The superficiality of our culture, with social media, and the preoccupation with identity that afflicts our culture stems from a deep anxiety that there is nothing more to us than our appearance. With the profusion of opinions, the Christian alternative is reflection, repentance and silence….the Jesus Prayer

Second Talk: Not Consuming, but Making: Poeisis (making) as an image of God’s creative act. How creative acts are constitutive of strong communities. Do our parish ministries participate in a cycle of consumption (resource in = desired outcome) or are they uniting in various creative acts?

Third Talk: Not Control, but Love: Our relationship with the world cannot be primarily one of control. It must be one of love if our priorities are ordered according to the Lord. A pure heart is crucified to the world. True love is born of death to self. This means not only forsaking the sinful passions but holding God’s good gifts and the fruits of our labor in open hands.

Join us at this year’s Holy Trinity retreat for these timely talks and for fellowship! You are invited to spend the night at the monastery or just come for the day. There are a limited number of rooms available. There is no charge for just coming for the day. Meals will be served at the Monastery for those interested. Please let me know if you are attending for the day only and need a meal.

If you’d like more information on the Pecos Monastery, please visit the monastery website.

If have any questions about the retreat or are interested in attending the retreat, please contact Mari Basilea.

About Fr. Joshua:

Fr Joshua is a convert to Orthodoxy from Protestantism. He was chrismated at St George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2006 he married Kh Meredith (Humphrey). After working for several years as a vegetable farmer (what else does one do with a degree in English?), he was sent to St Vladimir’s Seminary as an Archdiocese Student. He was ordained to the Priesthood in May 2015, and the following month he was assigned to St George Cathedral in Wichita as assistant pastor. He and Kh Meredith have five children.

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