2013 Pascha Letter

The links below contain copies of the 2013 Pascha Letter as sent out to DOWAMA parishes by Bishop Basil.  They are in both Adobe Acrobat PDF and MS Word format, whichever may be most convenient for you to open, read and/or print.

If you wish only to read the text of the letter, that is printed beneath the links below.

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America
1559 North Woodlawn Street * Wichita, KS 67208-2429 USA
Telephone (316) 687-3169 * Fax (316) 636-5628
Website: www.antiochian.org * Email: BpBasil@aol.com
P A S C H A 2 0 1 3
Beloved and Christ-loving Clergy, Monastics and Laity of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America:
I embrace and greet you with a holy kiss in the Name of the Resurrected Theanthropos Jesus Christ, and, together with you and Orthodox Christians throughout the world, I joyfully proclaim that Christ is risen!
On this radiant Feast of feasts I share with you, my dearly beloved spiritual children, the following soul-profiting words excerpted from a Paschal homily of our father among the saints Gregory the Theologian (330-390):
This is the Day of Resurrection! Let us all be united in heart, and let us give glory to God on this solemn festival. Let us address as brothers even those who hate us, as also those who love us, and have helped us, and have suffered anything on our behalf. Let us forgive all things in the Resurrection … Yesterday I was crucified with Christ; today I am glorified with Him. Yesterday I died with Him; today I am given life with Him. Yesterday I was buried with Him; today I rise again with Him. Today let us offer unto Him, Who has suffered and Who has risen for us, ourselves, which to God is the most precious and becoming of gifts.
Wishing you and your families a glorious Paschal season perfumed with the sweet fragrance of good works and holiness, looking forward to being with you all at our Diocesan Family Reunion in Kansas City this June 5th – 8th, and assuring you of my continued love, prayers and blessings, I remain
Your Father in the Risen Christ,
+ Bishop Basil
“…the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.” ACTS 11:26
The Most Reverend
Metropolitan PHILIP
The Right Reverend
Bishop BASIL
Archbishop of New York
Metropolitan of All North America
Bishop of Wichita and
the Diocese of Mid-America

Parish Retreat

Slideshow of Pecos Monastery Retreat – November 2012

Pecos Monastery Retreat - November 2012
Created with oQey Gallery

Our Fall 2012 Annual Parish Retreat was held, beginning with Vespers on Friday, 11/9/12, at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery. All services were at the Pecos monastery during the retreat and not at the parish location in Santa Fe. We were blessed to have Father Stephen Freeman leading the retreat. Fr. Stephen offered a number of talks during the retreat, and the sermon on Sunday at Divine liturgy. His talks provided much good discussion and new insights to all about realizing our oneness and communion with God in a “one story universe”. That is, God is not just someone “upstairs” whom we pray to once a week at church. This was mixed with an occasional insight to his wonderful Eastern Tennessee humor and character. All were in accord that he is most welcome any time he returns, and hopefully will bring Matushka Elizabeth with him next time. It was a truly wonderful weekend.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church wishes to thank the Abbot, Fr. Aidan, and the entire monastic community of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery, for the wonderful hospitality extended to our retreat attendees. The rooms and common areas were comfortable and warm, especially with the beautiful light snowfall that welcomed us on Sunday morning. The meals were incredible. And, the monastery grounds were such a peaceful and blessed location for our worship, retreat talks, private meditation and a few short “hikes”.