Acolyte Schedule

12/2018 - 2/2019

Below is the roster for upcoming acolyte service. For all acolyte-related questions, please contact Isaac or you can write to Fr. John using the online contact form.


Sun., 12/2 Christopher Thomas, Riki Michael, Michael C.
Thurs., 12/6 9AM
Sun., 12/9 Joshua, Ian, Ellery Herman
Sun., 12/16  Andre & Ben Anthony
Sun., 12/23 Stephen, Michael C.
Mon., 12/24, 4PM (Vesperal Liturgy, Nativity):  [volunteer]
Mon., 12/24, 10PM (Nativity Vigil Orthros & Liturgy): ALL WHO WISH, AND Have declared their intention by meal time the day before
Wed., 12/26, 10AM (Liturgy, Synaxis, Theotokos):  [volunteer]
Sun., 12/30  Joshua, Christopher Thomas


Tues., 1/1/19, 10AM (Liturgy, Feast of Circumcision; St. Basil):  [volunteer]
Sat., 1/5, 5:30PM (Vesperal Liturgy, Theophany; & indoor Blessing of Waters):  [volunteers]
Sun., 1/6/18 (Liturgy, Theophany):  Ellery Herman, Riki Michael, Ian
Sun. 1/13  Michael C., Andre
Sun., 1/20  Ben Anthony, Christopher Thomas
Mon., 1/21, 9AM (Liturgy, St. Maximos, Consecration anniversary):  [volunteer]
Sun., 1/27  Joshua, Stephen


Sat., 2/2, 9AM (Liturgy, Meeting in the Temple):  [volunteers]