Parish Life Conference

Santa Fe, NM, June 13-16

Thank you to all the guests, volunteers and friends who made the conference a huge success. We look forward to joining everyone in 2019 in Fort Worth!

We are honored to host our diocesan family for the first-ever Santa Fe Parish Life Conference! We know you’ll enjoy the conference location at the beautiful Eldorado Hotel and Spa in our historic plaza area.

You’ll love your time ‘off the beaten path’ in our corner of heaven on earth with delicious temperatures, divine views and opportunities for a range of Southwest culture and adventure.

For tips on how to get to us, see the Eldorado’s transportation guide.

PLC Highlights

Our children (aged 4-12) will have two outing days: one to The Georgia O’Keefe museum and another to the delightful Santa Fe Children’s Museum. Other children’s activities include music, snacks, as well as arts and crafts.

Our teens will do a service project with components serving both our local homeless population and the environment. The teens will also have an outing to the world-famous MeowWolf interactive art installation.

For our clergy kids under 4, we plan to offer babysitting during the children’s program and other times as needed.

The largest Hospitality Suite in recorded PLC history awaits you with views of the City Different and the Sangre de Christo mountain range for a backdrop (see images below!).

Stay with us for the weekend and enjoy a wine and cheese tasting event, complete with tours of our sanctuary’s new hand-carved iconostasis and a reading by Reader Joshua Sturgill from his volume of poetry As Far As I Can Tell.

In case you didn’t know, Santa Fe is the third largest art market, next to New York City and Los Angeles.

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Our Venue: The Eldorado

In celebration of the region’s historical and natural setting, this year’s PLC will be hosted at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa near the historic Santa Fe Plaza. A landmark in itself, the hotel places visitors within walking access to many of the city’s celebrated destinations though those not wishing to explore can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bars, roof-top pool and full-service spa.

Our allotment of rooms at the Eldorado are booked! For more options, see Santa Fe’s Accomodations Listings.

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Santa Fe was voted Destination of the Year in Travel & Leisure’s Reader’s Choice Awards

2017 Travel and Leisure Reader’s Choice


  • Dcn Luke Stauffer, St. Thomas, Fredricksburg, TX

    The Blessed Surgeon Speaks to a Modern World

    The modern progressive world and especially Academia denies God and belittles those of us who understand that God created all things. The Blessed Surgeon Saint Luke had to deal with similar issues during his life time. In this presentation we will examine the life of Saint Luke the Surgeon and also come to a better understanding of how we can face skeptical Academics and progressives and bring them to an understanding of the creator of all things, the Word of God.
  • Dcn. Thom Crowe, St. Antony the Great, Tulsa, OK

    Asceticism of Parenting: A conversation about Orthodox parenting

  • Fr. Joseph Huneycutt, St. Joseph, Houston, TX

    ANTIOCH: From BC to Yesterday, AD

    No matter where we call home, we are members of the Church of Antioch. What came before us? Where are we today?
  • Fr. Seraphim and Kh. Masha Gisetti, St. John Chrysostom, Lakewood, CO

    Fostering a Nurturing Community: Problems and Addicts Welcome

    This workshop will provide information on the myths and realities of addictions and mental and moral health issues and how, as Orthodox Christians, we foster safe, welcoming, and nourishing environments in our parishes. No shame, no blame.
  • Fr. Symeon Kees, St. George, Houston, TX

    Orthodox Mission in China & Japan: Practical Lessons for Evangelism

    Are you familiar with the account of St. Nicholas of Japan and the samurai? Do you know the story of the Holy Chinese Martyrs of Beijing? Learn about Orthodoxy in Southeast Asia and practical lessons for evangelism today.
  • Ashley Zappe, Holy Trinity, Santa Fe, NM

    Fasting and Feeding the Hungry

    “The whole Earth is a living icon of the face of God.” (St John of Damascus). This workshop will discuss the ancient Christian teachings on the wisdom of nature, our unique role among God’s creation, and how traditional Christian practices (such as fasting) are essential to solving the modern environmental crisis. “Do you fast? Then feed the hungry…” (St. John Chrysostom)
  • Chris Farha, St. George, Wichita, KS

    Choir workshop

  • Isaac Sandretto, Holy Trinity, Santa Fe, NM

    Silence – Not For the Fainthearted!

    For over 3 years, we’ve been hosting periodic days of silent retreat, called Days of Not Doing, for interested members of our parish during three of our fasts each year. It’s seemed unique and valuable enough that we wanted to invite others to learn about it. This workshop is for those who would like to learn how and why we do this. We’ll refer to teachings of the Fathers on silence, but the presentation will concentrate on the practicalities of how we prepare newcomers for the Day, and then set it up, offering an environment that’s conducive to a group sharing silence for prayer and meditation. Come and see.


Registration is available online at the archdiocese PLC website or can be downloaded and printed using the link below. Additional forms, including youth permissions, can be downloaded from the event website (see that site’s sidebar).

Please contact us with any PLC-related questions or comments. We look forward to hosting you!

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