* Acolyte Schedule of Altar Service *


Sun., 8/6 (Holy Transfiguration): Joshua & Michael
Sun., 8/13: Andre, Ellery Herman, Christopher Thomas
Sun., 8/20: Ben Anthony, Stephen, Ian
Tues., 8/15, 9AM (Liturgy, Holy Dormition): [volunteer]
Sun., 8/27: Philip, John, Joshua

Sun., 9/3: Michael, Christopher Thomas, Ellery Herman
Sun., 9/10: Stephen & Andre
Thur., 9/14, 9AM (Liturgy, Elevation of the Holy Cross): [volunteers]
Sun., 9/17: Ian, Ben Anthony, Phil
Sun., 9/24: John, Joshua, Christopher Thomas

Sun., 10/1: Ellery Herman, Stephen, Michael
Sun., 10/8 (retreat at Pecos Monastery): [Sbdn. John & Isaac only]
Sun., 10/15 (Hierarchical Liturgy w/ Bishop Basil): [special assignments]
Sun. 10/22: Andre, Philip, Ian
Sun., 10/29: Christopher Thomas & Michael

Sun., 11/5: Stephen & Joshua
Sun., 11/12: Ellery Herman & John
[NB: From 11/15 through the Nativity Fast, we’ll be in maroon, except 11/21]
Sun. 11/19: Ben Anthony & Ian
Tues., 11/21, 9AM (Entry of Mother of God into the Temple): [volunteer]
Thurs., 11/24, 10AM (Liturgy, Thanksgiving): [volunteers]
Sun., 11/26: Michael, Philip, Christopher Thomas
Wed., 11/29, 6:00PM (Vesperal Liturgy, St. Andrew): [volunteer]

Sun., 12/3: Joshua, Ian, Ellery Herman
Tues., 12/5, 5:30PM (Vesperal Liturgy, St. Nicholas): [volunteer]
Sun., 12/10: John & Andre
Sun., 12/17: Stephen & Ben Anthony
Sun., 12/24: Christopher Thomas, Michael, Ian
NB: As of 8/5, specific services for the celebration of the Nativity have not been set.
Information will be sent to you as soon as it’s available. At whatever Liturgy we have, all who want may serve.
Tues., 12/26, 10AM (Liturgy, Synaxis, Theotokos): [volunteers]
Sun., 12/31: Philip, Ellery Herman, Joshua


Mon., 1/1/18 (Liturgy, Feast of Circumcision; St. Basil): [volunteer]
Fri., 1/5, 5:30PM (Vesperal Liturgy, Theophany; Baptisms & (indoor) Blessing of Waters): [volunteers]
Sat., 1/6/18, 9:30AM (Liturgy, Theophany): [volunteer]
Sun., 1/7: Ian, Andre, Stephen
Sun. 1/14: Michael, John, Christopher Thomas
Sun., 1/21: Ben Anthony, Ellery Herman, Joshua
Sun., 1/28: Andre, Ian, Philip

Fri., 2/2, 9AM (Liturgy, Meeting in the Temple): [volunteer]