* Acolyte Schedule of Altar Service *


Wed., 2/21, 5:30PM (Presanctified Liturgy): [volunteer]
[NB: in maroon now till Holy Saturday, except The Annunciation, Laz. Sat., & Palm Sunday]
Sat., 2/24, 9AM (Liturgy, Theodore Saturday): [volunteer]
Sun., 2/25: Philip, Ellery Herman, Michael
Wed., 2/28, 5:30PM (Presanctified Liturgy): [volunteer]

Sun., 3/4: John, Andre, Christopher Thomas
Wed., 3/7, 5:30PM (Presanctified): [volunteer]
Sun., 3/11: Ian, Joshua, Philip
Wed., 3/14, 5:30PM (Presanctified): [volunteer]
Sun., 3/18: Stephen, Ben Anthony, Ellery Herman
Wed.., 3/21, 5:30PM (Presanctified): [volunteer]
Sun., 3/25 (The Annunciation) [in gold]: Michael, Christopher Thomas, Andre
Wed., 3/28, 5:30PM (Presanctified): [volunteer]
Sat., 3/31, 9AM (Liturgy: Lazarus Saturday) [in gold]: John, Philip
Sat., 3/31, 12:30PM (approx./after egg hunt): required rehearsal for those serving at Pascha Vigil

Sun., 4/1 (Palm Sunday) [in gold]: Joshua, Ellery Herman, Ian
Sun., 4/1, 7:00PM (Bridegroom Orthros): [volunteers]
Sat., 4/7, 9AM (Liturgy w/ Baptism: Great & Holy Saturday) [in gold]: Andre, Stephen
Sat., 4/15, 10:30PM (Orthros & Liturgy: Holy Pascha Vigil): ALL WHO CHOOSE AND who have attended the rehearsal on 3/31
Mon., 4/9, 10AM (Liturgy, Bright Monday): [volunteer]
Sun., 4/15 (Thomas Sunday): Christopher Thomas, Ben Anthony, Michael
Sun., 4/22: Philip, Ian, Joshua
Sun., 4/29: Andre, John, Ellery Herman