Bethany House

Bethany House Residence

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Santa Fe purchased the home next door to the church, in order to establish a residence for single people interested in living in a prayerful community in close proximity to the church.  The home is divided in two portions, with separate mens’ and womens’ communal living spaces.  Each side of the house contains private bedrooms for residents as well as shared living, dining, and cooking spaces.  A laundry room is shared by all residents.

There is currently space available and we are accepting applications.  See the FAQ information below for answers to frequently asked questions.  Please email the Bethany House Committee for more information, or to obtain an application, at

Bethany House Vision

The Bethany House is an intentional community of faith and prayer whose members desire to live a Paschal and Eucharistic life; mindful that “the Kingdom of God is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace, and joy, in the Holy Spirit.” (Romans 14:17) To that end, it is the intention of the members to arise each day, and like St. Martha, “run to accomplish God’s work.” In the likeness of St. Mary, they desire to live from a prayerful place of inner stillness at the feet of Jesus. Opening the alabaster jar of their hearts, they freely choose to labor in the vineyard from the first hour, and lovingly welcome those who arrive at the 11th; and in that Heavenly Spirit, they long to do all things “in behalf of all and for all.” This way of life embodies the process of “death to self” and resurrection into “a new creation in Christ,” as exemplified by St. Lazarus, the Friend of Christ. May the Bethany House be a blessing, not only to those who live there, but also to all at Holy Trinity and beyond.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Is the Bethany House a monastery?

No, the Bethany House is not a monastery – residents are students, workers, and retirees who are single but want to live in a community with other Orthodox Christians, or those on the path to becoming Orthodox.  There is an expectation that there will be some quiet time, some communal prayer, and occasional communal meals, on a schedule developed by the residents themselves.

Can I talk to the current residents?

Please email the Bethany House Committee and ask to be put in touch with current residents to ask some questions, at  Meeting the residents is also a part of the formal application process.

Can I tour the Bethany House?

Please email the Bethany House Committee at to arrange a tour.

How do I get more information on the Bethany House?

Please email the Bethany House Committee to ask further questions, and/or request a copy of the Bethany House Resident Agreement containing policies and expectations, at

Are there criteria for admission to Bethany House?

In order to fulfill the vision for intentional, communal, Orthodox living in the Bethany House, there are guidelines for admitting residents.  Some are in place for the spiritual and financial health of the residence, and some are in place to comply with the terms of a special zoning permit granted by the City of Santa Fe.  Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration when making a final decision.  Please email the Bethany House Committee to obtain a copy of the Bethany House Resident Agreement containing policies and expectations, at

How much is rent and what is included in the cost?

Residents are asked to make a set monthly donation, which varies by the size of the private bedroom and bathroom access details.  The cost is very competitive with local rooms for rent and apartments.  Utilities provided at Bethany House include gas, electricity, water, trash and recycling pick up, and wireless network access for computer use.   There are no additional charges for these services.  Residents are responsible for the provision of their own cellular, voice-over-internet, or landline phone, and associated costs for usage.  Please email the Bethany House Committee to ask about current donation amounts at

Are pets allowed?

Pets are considered at the time of admission; typically each resident is limited to one pet, although a second may be allowed at the discretion of the House Committee.  All pets must be spayed or neutered, licensed, and vaccinated, for the protection of all people and pets in the house.   Each owner is responsible for his or her pets’ behavior.

How do I apply to become a Bethany House resident?

Potential Bethany House residents formally apply to the House Committee to request residency in Bethany House.  Please email the Bethany House Committee to obtain an application, and a copy of the Bethany House Resident Agreement containing policies and expectations, at

What happens if I move in and it doesn’t really suit me?

The goal is for everyone in the Bethany House to feel that they are at home.  All residents are members of the House Committee, to provide resident input in decision-making processes.  There are informal and formal processes in place to help resolve issues between residents, and to support continued development of a peaceful, mature community.  If however a resident would like to leave at any time, 30 day notice is requested.