Because we are constantly pursuing our three-tiered mission of worship, fellowship, and outreach, Holy Trinity is an active parish. There are many weekly services that, along with the clergy’s roles, require the participation of laypeople as acolytes and members of the choir. Outside of worship, however, are many meals (all are welcome at our meal after Liturgy each and every Sunday), Bible studies, and teaching and service opportunities. Below are descriptions of a few of the ways parishioners are involved in the life of the Church.

  • Choir

    Men and women singing in a choir

    Our all-volunteer choir is an integral part in all of the Divine Services. The choir director, Macrina Lewis, and our Khoria Photina (Fr. John’s wife) are masters of the rubrics and diocesan guidelines. The choir practices weekly both Western and Byzantine settings of some of Christianity’s most ancient music. Along with the choir, chanters practice the unique art of Byzantine chant and help to lead services throughout the week.

    For more information contact Macrina Lewis.

  • Acolytes

    Robed acolytes with lamps, bowing

    Acolytes assist the clergy in the altar during Divine Services. Though not ordained, these men are sometimes called “torchbearers,” as they carry the lights that attend the Gospel and the Eucharist when they leave the altar.

    For more information contact Isaac Sandretto.

    View the upcoming acolyte schedule

  • Meals & Food Collection

    People dishing up food in a light-filled room

    After Divine Liturgy each Sunday rotating groups prepare a full lunch for any and all to share. Along with these, major feast days often also bring more festive cooking and eating (especially on Pascha, the greatest of Feasts!). Finally, we also work with the Santa Fe Homeless Shelter to periodically provide meals for those who need them during the colder months.


  • Children's Ministry

    Children playing with colorful chalk

    All children are invited to participate in all services at Holy Trinity; the services are their first source of inspiration and instruction. Along with that, Sunday school programs take place each week for all ages, all of which encourage kids and teens to engage with their Orthodox faith more fully.

    Contact Juliana McDonald for more information.

  • Conferences

    Members of our parish enjoy traveling across the West and even the country to join Orthodox Christians from other parishes as they worship and build relationships through services, relaxation, and teaching sessions. Annual favorites are the Parish Life Conference and the Antiochian Archdiocese Convention.

    For more information on this year’s events you can visit the 2019 PLC website and download the Archdiocese Convention flyer.