Corona Virus Update

Updated Wednesday, April 1

To our parishioners and all friends and interested parties –

We let you know with concern for the health of us all, and with some regret, that in the upcoming weeks there will still be fewer services and events, allowing in fewer occupants. There will be no meals, no study sessions, and no meetings. When the church is open (see below), there will be allowed in only a maximum of 10 people, even including clergy.

The word from our priest, Fr. John, about our open hours is below:

Here is the schedule for when the church will be open for prayer and to light candles. (Just a reminder, that if there are more than ten present, others can wait outside until one of the ten leaves. Also, just a reminder that it is a time to observe silence and space between each other, and the mystery of our complete connectedness in Christ.)

Monday: 4-6pm
Tuesday: 4-6pm
Wednesday: 9:30-11am
Thursday: 5:30-6:30 pm
Friday: 5-7pm
Saturday: 4-5pm
Sunday: 11:30-1pm

Further word can be expected about our Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Pascha services—we do not have word from our bishops yet about whether and when and how we will have them. If we do have them in the temple, at this point they also will be limited to only 10 people, including clergy, choir and servers.

Please refer to this page for updates, or to our church phone outgoing message (983-5826).