Corona Virus Update

Updated July 31

To our parishioners and all friends and interested parties, below is the update that we expect to apply throughout the month of August.

A full schedule of services continues but services are not open to the public. Per the bishop’s directives and the governor’s orders, we will limit ourselves to 10-35 people present at any one time and members should sign up for each service online, per email instructions. Masks are expected to be worn. Please use the hand-sanitizing station upon entry and be mindful of keeping appropriate distance.

Saturday Vespers at 5:30pm & Sunday Orthros and Liturgy, starting at 8:30am as well as some other Liturgies, will be broadcast. If you are not able to make it in-person, please join us for them on our YouTube channel, where they will be live-streamed. The text for many services can also be found on the Antiochian website.

There will still be no meals, no study sessions, and no meetings. If you have questions, feel free to call the church at 983-5826.

Please note: the only open hours are at service times – see the calendar for those hours. Even fewer restrictions will hopefully follow soon.

Please refer to this page for updates, or to our church phone outgoing message: 983-5826.