Corona Virus Update

Updated May 16

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

A blessed Pascha to our parishioners and all friends and interested parties.

Our bishops have blessed us as of today to resume a full schedule of services!  For this week at least, we remain limited to only twelve people present at any one time.  Saturday Vespers at 5:30PM & Sunday Orthros & Liturgy, starting at 8:30AM, will be the only ones broadcast.

Please join us for them on our YouTube channel, where they will be live-streamed. The text for many services can also be found on the Antiochian website.

As before, there will still be no meals, no study sessions, and no meetings. Also, open hours have been cancelled. Again, we are hoping for some lesser restrictions to be allowed soon. We will let you know.

Services for the week of May 16-24:

IMPORTANT:  Remember, attendance is limited to a total of twelve in the temple.  If you come in and see twelve already present, please leave.  Thank you.

Saturday (5/16) – 5:30PM Great Vespers
Sunday (5/17) –
Monday (5/18) – 4:00-5:00PM Silent Hour
Tuesday (5/19) – 5:30PM  Vespers
Wednesday (5/20) – 8:30AM Orthros, following by Divine Liturgy at 9:30AM
Thursday (5/21) – 5:30PM  Reader’s Vespers
Friday (5/22) – 5:30PM  Paraklesis
Saturday (5/23) – 5:30PM  Great Vespers
Sunday (5/24) – 8:30AM  Orthros, followed by Divine Liturgy at 
about 9:30AM

Please refer to this page for updates, or to our church phone outgoing message (983-5826).